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Starting Line

Getting you to the starting line, so you can win the race.

How SLS Can Help You

We offer the whole spectrum of creative services to get you ready for your political race. From logo design, website construction, DTC and AD production, to social media plans connecting you directly to your base. Working with SLS will give you the confidence to start your race on the best foot and carry you to victory!

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Meet the Team

Mariah James-Wyrick- Founder and Creative

Mariah James-Wyrick

Founder & Creative Extraordinaire

Mariah James-Wyrick is an experienced digital producer who focuses on telling the stories of progressive candidates and causes across the nation. Mariah’s career in politics began when she decided to volunteer during the 2012 presidential election at the local Democratic Headquarters in her hometown of Athens, Georgia. She soon realized that she loved grassroots political work and began working towards a political science degree in school. She now has over ten years of political organizing experience with a background in videography and video editing.

Aaron Giombolini

Founder & Creative Producer

Aaron Giombolini joined the political world in 2022 to help make sweeping changes to local and national causes. He previously worked in Film, TV, VFX, Photography, and Public Education. After three years in the public schools running a program where he created videos in seven languages, Aaron set his sights on a new challenge. He joined the Run the World team to help aid changes across the nation in support of progressive values and hasn't stopped since. Aaron has over 12 years in video production from scripting, filming, editing, and promotion.

Aaron Giombolini- Founder and Creative
Video Production

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